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I’m trying, very desperately, to get back into things.

I have two drafts of Shishi (one partially done), one for Shizuru, like 30 in Jin’s Drafts, and more on other accounts. 

It’s a long and slow process, but I’m doing what I can.

Thank you guys for being patient.



“I am indeed very curious. There are many things I wish to know, though I only want to quietly seek the answers. Your powers reflect you, Mr. Kaito. Or is it that you reflect them? Were they dormant inside of you until an event happened to unleash them? Or is it that you unlocked them. Perhaps it simply happened at that time. Correlation does not equal causation.

Whatever the case, I  think no other power would be for you. I would enjoy playing alongside, at least until I become a worthy enough adversary to challenge you on your own field.”

“Also, if I may be so bold, I believe that once I am worthy enough, I will be a true challenge for you.”

"Hm… Do you think? I take it as the highest form of flattery if what you say holds true; that powers reflect their ‘masters’, so to speak." He paused thoughtfully. "I wonder what that says about you. I’ve heard you’re quite talented. Rumor is, you’re a healer? That’s quite a skill to have."

Nimble fingers began picking up several pieces simultaneously; the ivory and obsidian pawns being dropped off at their starting positions. The man barely had to look to place everything where it belonged.

"I’m unsure if it’s kindness, observation, or a gauging motive on your part to compliment me so. Whatever the case, my ego begs of you to continue, but pray tell, Ms. Rui, why is it you think words are my forte? I’m curious as to what in my nature gives you that impression."

He smiled, the board ready for play. “Perhaps I’ll learn your ways as we play. And don’t worry - there’s nothing too dangerous at stake.” 

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California Blues 


As Kaito’s arm coiled around her waist, Ruka knew her plan had succeeded. She smiled to herself, satisfied. No problem in being brutal if she got the vacation she wanted. And, if the way Kaito had looked at her bathing suit was any indication, he was starting to want it, too.

Ruka allowed her body to relax, letting his thin stature carry her weight. She was always a bit worried that he’d collapse either from fatigue or sheer nervousness, but Kaito hadn’t dropped her once since their first night together. Still, she hadn’t forgotten the unseemly sight of rug burn on the outside of her upper thigh.

Her spine went rigid as she finally processed the conversation at hand. Jolting away so she could look her boyfriend at eye level, she asked, “You’ve already…?” Ruka grinned, mind already swimming with thoughts of them at the beach and doing other California-esque activities.

“Fantastic! When are we leaving? Is it soon? Should I begin packing?” A childlike haze of excitement running over her, Ruka jumped into another, tighter hug. “Thank you,” she said before pulling Kaito’s face close enough to kiss.

Her recoil from his announcement was more of a surprise than he’d be willing to admit. His hands jerked away from the bare waist, and went instinctively to protect his face, as most of the physical surprises he’d gotten tended to be a slug to the face.

It took a minute to realize there was no danger - and that he was acting ridiculous. Wincing from his mistake, Kaito looked guiltily at the demon. “Yes. I was hoping it’d be a surprise… or something to hold over you at a later date. Either way, we leave next weekend, if you’re still set on going.”

He groaned inwardly, knowing the answer. Whether he truly wanted to or not, he’d wind up in California one way or another. Biting the bullet, he looked at the woman before him, the one who now had his face inches from hers. Ruka’s lips seemed so inviting, ready to adore him for the gift, and more than anything, he wanted to oblige. His own lips quivered, as he tried to close the distance, but the nerves wracking his body overcame the desire, and he pulled away.

"Of course," he mumbled, shame heavy in his voice.

California Blues 


Just as planned, Kaito jolted backwards in a state of shock. His attempt to cover up the horrendous flush spreading along his cheeks failed miserably. Smirking inwardly as a cat would while playing with its prey, Ruka leaned up against her boyfriend.

“Isn’t it, though?” She murmured as her hand caressed his cheek, forcing him to look in her eyes. “It’s such a shame that I don’t have an event to wear it to.” Her lower lip puffed up in a small pout. It was a bit over the top, yes, but undeniably effective.

“Just think of how much fun it would be for us to lay next to each other after a nice swim. You’d have to help rub tanning lotion on my back, of course. It would be awful to let a sunburn interfere with any nighttime activities.”

There was a heat that surfaced between them as she leaned close. To him, it was overbearing, and more than enough to cause a light sweat along his hairline. Even though the two of them had been intimate for quite a while, even the slightest hint of attention would cause the wordsmith to become a blushing, stuttering schoolboy. 

Cheek resting in her palm, his eyes slowly rose to meet hers. The woman’s eyes were wide, teeming with excitement. She was so focused on getting them a dream vacation that Kaito doubted she realized every day with her was a dream. 

As her lower lip protruded in a pout, the man closed his eyes with an accompanying sigh. She knew every button to manipulate him, and he was powerless against it. Eyes still closed to prepare for the sensation, the wordsmith wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close.

"You’re cruel, you know that? Absolutely, positively brutal." Nodding, to reassure himself it was fine, a nervous chuckle left his throat. "I’m sure it would be fun. Thrilling, even. That’s why I’ve already bought tickets."

His lips found their way to her ear, where they gently whispered in the haughty tone he was well-known for. “You’re welcome.”

California Blues 


Subtlety was not one of Ruka’s strengths. Her philosophy was best described by the blonde in The Producers, “When you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

And, oh, did Ruka have it.

Heaps of bathing suits lay at her feet where she modeled a particularly scanty bikini in front of her full length mirror. If this didn’t get Kaito out of his library and out onto the beach, nothing would.

“Yu,” she called out into the hallway. “Come here! I want to show you one of my new outfits. This ensemble would be perfect to wear to a beach in cu-ri-fo-ni-a.” She enunciated each syllable clearly, modeling her accent after the blonde heroes of her Western beach films.

He heard another call from outside his study - this one catered specifically to him. A groan escaped his lips, knowing it would be something he couldn’t ignore. Pushing his papers to the side of his desk, carefully to preserve the evenness of the pages, Kaito stood to stretch.

He’d been sitting for so long, that the muscles in his back had started to ache. The writer was tired, irritable, and was going to have to fake his way through a conversation he had no interest in. The man was already dreading possible topics - hair bleaching, shopping, another twenty minute discourse on Ruka’s idea of American slang.

Wearily, he trudged to the door, peering out into the hall.

"Rukaoh-" His speech dropped mid-sentence from the shock of what stood before him. He’d been expecting her to be on the couch, pointing wildly at the television over one of the many movies she’d gotten, or in the bedroom with purses splayed asking which bag would go with which outfit. Instead, she stood slightly outside the bedroom, leaning on the door in a seductive manner.

"Oh my.” The tail end of his voice wavered, taking in the display before him. He twisted his head away - a reflex for the horrible blush creeping across his face.

"That certainly is… um…" The wordsmith’s hands fiddled with one another before one abruptly rose to push the bridge of his glasses back up his nose. Voice lowered, and quite a bit more hushed than it had been prior, he attempted to finish. "A…A lovely piece of attire."

California Blues 

He already dreaded his trips to New York. It was hardly a welcoming city, and he spent the majority of his time there in his father’s apartment with his nose in a book. His step-siblings wouldn’t let go of the idea he was one of those ‘Japanese Otaku’ who never left the house and resorted to calling him “lame-o”. Every flight was full of dread for a week long teasing and a hole-up in his room. Still, it would have been better than being suckered into a second trip.

Ruka had begged to see an American beach - to drive on an express way with one of those red, American cars like they did in the movies. She wanted to be like one of those Hollywood starlets, and wouldn’t let the idea go. Every conversation wound up with a wistful sigh and a biting remark about how they do it differently in America.

The wordsmith thought he’d rather sell his tongue than another trip this year, but Ruka’s incessant crying about a vacation had taken its toll on his resolve, and he reluctantly agreed a broken man.

Each morning while he busied himself in work, he was subject to terrible movies blaring outside his door, as well as not-so-subtle hints on where she wanted to go.

'Wouldn't it be nice to lay on a beach in Curryfornia?” 

"I wish I knew someone that could surf like those handsome blonde men in Curryfornia."

"I bet they have wonderful shopping there, you know, in Curryfornia."

He more than got the hint. Despite his disposition for everything “fun in the sun,” there was little he wouldn’t do to please the demoness.

Two tickets to Curryfornia, coming right up.


I notice you’re not dismissing the idea entirely.

"I’m trying to balance a hypothetical checkbook while keeping in mind the objective of the trip."




Perhaps we should skip out on the visit to your family and go straight to the city?

"That’s hardly hospitable, seeing as they would be the ones providing a place to stay, don’t you think?"

I’ve heard wonderful things about the Four Seasons…

"That’d be even less to hire a helping hand with…”


Perhaps we should skip out on the visit to your family and go straight to the city?

"That’s hardly hospitable, seeing as they would be the ones providing a place to stay, don’t you think?"